New shipping law means voyages may get even slower next year

By Sarah Neish

21 JULY 2022


Producers struggling with ongoing delays might like to cover their ears, as hold-ups are only likely to get worse. The reason? A new law coming into play means ships may have to slow down their speeds to comply.

From next year, a new law from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will require all ships to calculate their annual carbon intensity based on a vessel’s emissions for the cargo it carries. Shipping companies will be required to demonstrate that their emissions are progressively coming down.

The option is there to retrofit ships with devices to lower emissions but by far the easiest and cheapest way of meeting the new requirements is to simply slow

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Pilotage & Master-Pilot Relationship


The relationship between the master and the pilot is fraught with potential difficulties and conflict. The pilot directs the navigation of the ship, but the master still retains overall command and control. The freedom that the master gives to the pilot varies from master to master but also depends upon the circumstances in which the pilotage takes place. The master of a large foreign-going ship entering a difficult channel will tend to adopt a more passive attitude to the pilot than a coastal master who knows the area intimately.


The way in which the law interprets this relationship, and the rights and responsibilities of each to the other and to third parties, obviously differ from country to country and the following is therefore offered

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What is the difference between a Ship Captain and Master Mariner?ñ-




 | James Foong

  • Publicada el 10 de abril de 2019

UK and Ireland, Masters and Mates, Certificates, 1850-1927

James Foong AFNI MBA

Master Mariner | Council Member of The Nautical Institute UK

Article #2

Very often, the terms master mariner and ship captain tend to be used as synonyms. It has to be noted that, while the terms are in a way similar, there is however, quite a bit of difference between the two. In simple words, it can be said that even though ship captains and master mariners engage in the same profession, they are like teachers who teach different grades.

The following points mentioned below will elaborate and highlight the difference between ship captains and a marine captain:

Wholicyat is the Insured’s Duty Under a Marine Insurance PDepends …?




marine link

It Depen …

By Thomas H. Belknap, Jr. March 11, 2022

© Aerial Mike / Adobe Stock

The law governing marine insurance in the United States has long been a source of considerable confusion. And if there was once a clear set of principles applicable in such cases, the Supreme Court long ago muddied the waters with their infamous ruling in Wilburn Boat Co. v. Fireman’s Fund Ins. Co., 348 U.S. 310 (1955). That case, involving a fire on a houseboat on an inland man-made lake on the Texas-Oklahoma border, established the “litmus test” for when maritime law should govern and when the courts should instead look to state law in interpreting marine insurance contracts.

Faced with the question whether

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Registro de buques y asuntos de registro fraudulentos




Registro de barcos

El registro de un buque desempeña una función imperativa para la seguridad del transporte marítimo y contribuye significativamente a la protección y preservación del medio marino.

El mecanismo general para establecer la nacionalidad de un barco y para regular la navegación es el registro del barco en un Estado en particular. Al vincular un buque a un Estado, el sistema de registro de buques indica que ese Estado tiene derecho a proteger ese buque en el derecho internacional.

Marco legal 

Un principio fundamental del derecho internacional público es la libertad en alta mar, como se establece en el artículo 87 de la CONVEMAR . Para equilibrar esta libertad con la necesidad de evitar el

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