VALE amplía su proyecto para implementar acerías y fundiciones en Medio Oriente





14 de Noviembre de 2022
VALE amplía su proyecto para implementar acerías y fundiciones en Medio Oriente abastecidas por buques VLOC y ValemaxNaves suministrarán pellets de mineral de hierro aptas para fabricación de acero con bajas emisiones 

La minera brasileña VALE ha firmado una serie de Memorandos de Entendimiento (MoU) con países del Golfo Pérsico para el desarrollo de complejos industriales denominados "Mega Hubs" que promueven métodos de fabricación de acero con bajas emisiones de carbono que serán abastecidas mediante cargamentos de pellets de mineral de hierro transportados por buques VLOC y Valemax, según reporta BRS Dry Bulk

El MoU firmado con el Centro Nacional de Desarrollo Industrial (NIDC) de Arabia Saudí incluye la construcción de una planta de pellets de mineral de

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Black Sea grain deal should have no time limit: Erdoğan


Commercial vessels, including vessels that are part of the Black Sea grain deal, wait to pass through the Bosporus strait off the shores of Yenikapı during a misty morning in Istanbul, Türkiye, Oct. 31, 2022. (Reuters Photo)

Indonesian president launches G-20 pandemic fund

Parties to the grain deal that has allowed Ukrainian grain exports to reach world markets via the Black Sea should agree to extend it beyond its expiration on Nov. 19, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Saturday.

Answering the questions of journalists on the plane returning from Uzbekistan, Erdoğan said it is wrong to put a time limit on the grain corridor.

“We stated that the longer the time is kept, the more accurate it

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How much grain has been shipped from Ukraine?


  • Published
    3 November
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Image caption,
A grain ship in the port of Chornomorsk on Ukraine's Black Sea coast

Russia is restarting its cooperation in a scheme to export grain from Black Sea ports, days after saying it was withdrawing.

In July Moscow agreed to allow ships to export millions of tonnes of grain and other foodstuffs from Ukraine through a safe corridor in the Black Sea.

How much food has been shipped from Ukraine?

After Russia invaded Ukraine, its navy imposed a blockade on Ukraine's Black Sea ports, trapping about 20 million tonnes of grain meant for export inside the country, along with other foodstuffs such as maize and sunflower oil.

Since Ukraine is one of the world's largest exporters of food,

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Black Sea Grain Initiative Joint Coordination Centre


Vessel Movements


Live data: Details on all Black Sea Grain Initiative outbound shipments

Live data: Black Sea Grain Initiative cargo totals by destination and commodity

More visualizations and downloads here

Outbound voyages

Destinations indicated are based on information received at the JCC and may change based on commercial activity.

Cargo may be processed and re-exported from the primary destination.






U.S.-sanctioned oil tanker stuck in Indonesia carries Venezuelan fuel

By Marianna Parraga

HOUSTON (Reuters) supertanker under U.S. Treasury Department sanctions being refloated in Indonesia is filled with Venezuelan fuel, according to vessel monitoring services.

Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control last week imposed sanctions on the stranded tanker, Young Yong, for its part in an international oil smuggling network that Washington said supports Hezbollah and Iran's Quds Force.

Last month, the Djibouti-flagged Young Yong received cargoes through ship-to-ship operations from U.S.-blacklisted tanker Silvia I and from the Eagle Brenda before becoming marooned off Indonesia's Riau Islands, according to research by non-government organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI).

Both tankers had departed between late July and early August carrying fuel oil supplied by Venezuela's state-run oil firm PDVSA, according to internal

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