Marine Log’s Top Women in Maritime in 2022: The full interview





Written by Heather Ervin

As the maritime industry continues to increase diversity and bring more women into its ranks, we wrap up 2022 for the third year in a row by bringing to you our list of Top Women in Maritime.

Our editorial team has carefully selected these 20 women of varied backgrounds, ages and locations with nominations given by those in the industry. We asked them to tell us about the successes they’re most proud of in their maritime career—whether it’s in shoreside management, onboard a vessel, or in another field.

While we were only able to share a fraction of their incredible contributions to maritime in print article, we are able to publish the full interview with each woman

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Los transitarios españoles ultiman una demanda contra las navieras por las demoras

 Las navieras defienden que las colas en los puertos o la falta de rigor en la planificación de las entregas no son imputables a su labor


El anuncio acerca

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Greece remains the world’s largest shipowning nation






Greece remains the world’s largest shipowning nation, with a fleet of 4,901 vessels, while greek shipowners control 19.42% of global deadweight tonnage (dwt).

In 2020, the Greek-owned fleet grew by over 4% to approximately 364 million dwt.

The backbone of EU shipping: Greece continues to increase its share of the European Union (EU)-controlled fleet. The Greek-owned fleet represents 58% of the EU-controlled fleet. More than a third of the Greek owned fleet or 1,706 vessels, fly an EU Member State flag.

Greek shipping is a cornerstone of global seaborne trade: Greek shipowners control:

  • 30.25% of the world tanker fleet
  • 14.64% of the world chemical

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Naviera Armas. JP Morgan y Barings toman el timón de Naviera Armas ante su crisis de liquidez





JP Morgan y Barings toman el timón de Naviera Armas ante su crisis de liquidez

Los fondos acreedores proponen conceder una nueva línea de crédito ante la falta de liquidez de la empresa marítima a cambio de quedarse con la mayoría del capital

Un ferri de Naviera Armas Trasmediterránea. (EFE/Quique Curbelo)
EC EXCLUSIVOArtículo solo para suscriptores

Momento crítico para Naviera Armas Transmediterránea, la mayor compañía marítima de España, que, apenas un año después de firmar la refinanciación de sus cerca de 800 millones de euros de deuda, vuelve a estar en serios problemas. Según aseguran fuentes próximas a las conversaciones, JP Morgan, Barings y Cheyne Capital, sus tres principales acreedores, junto con Banco Santander, han decidido realizar una inyección de dinero dada

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View From The EU: What, Don’t You Trust Me?




(Article originally published in Sept/Oct 2022 edition.)

Shipping is special – and not just in terms of its economic impact, colorful traditions or ability to span continents and bring together buyers and sellers that lie oceans apart – but also because, for much of its existence, the heavy hand of government regulation has largely left shipping untouched. 

This laissez-faire approach is reflected, for example, in classification societies, which are private organizations whose customers are shipowners and which have the authority to determine if a given ship is insurable or operable. It would be as if landlords had their own entity to certify that their rental units are up to code and habitable. Or take protection and

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