El secuestro del Achille Lauro y la ira de Reagan





El atentado del navío y el posterior incidente de Sigonella abrieron la peor brecha entre Washington y Roma desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Achille Lauro, un secuestro improvisado

La Vanguardia

Rehenes liberados del 'Achille Lauro' regresando a Estados Unidos en aviones militares.

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El lunes 7 de octubre de 1985, el buque Achille Lauro, el mayor de la flota mercante italiana, surcaba plácidamente el Mediterráneo. De pronto, cuatro de sus pasajeros tomaron rehenes e informaron al capitán de que la nave quedaba en poder del Frente para la Liberación de Palestina (FLP). El secuestro, que duró dos días, crearía el momento de mayor tensión política, diplomática y militar entre Italia y EE.UU. desde la caída de Mussolini.

Los asaltantes retenían a

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Adrift but connected





Words /Amy McLellan

The pandemic shone a light into corners of society that had long been neglected, among them the working conditions and mental health of seafarers. Now, new digital tools are being deployed to help improve life at sea.


The disruption and dislocation of Covid-19 restrictions exacerbated the pressures on the world’s seafarers, some of whom found themselves stuck at sea for more than a year. This global crisis was the touchpaper to the mental health timebomb that had been ticking for decades, and it increased the pressure on ship owners to take action. 

Hard data about the extent of the problem is limited, particularly as there remains a stigma when it comes to talking about mental health, but research

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Science on Deck event offered opportunity to explore the Blue Heron research vessel

 Sabrina Ullman WDIO


Built as for fishing in 1985, the Blue Heron was purchased by UMD in 1997 and converted to a research vessel.

“The importance of the vessel is that you can physically get your hands wet, get out there on Lake Superior, see what’s actually going on,” said Large Lakes Observatory intern Amelea Hauer. “The most important thing is you can put the equipment on this vessel, get it out there and put the buoys in the water to collect the raw data. Most colleges or facilities don’t have this huge resource, but we do. So we utilize all that we can.”


Captain Rual Lee has been on board for

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Tight labor market puts mariners in high demand




professional mariner

The (DOE) report predicts that during the offshore wind … construction period, there will be a need for 31,300 full-time-equivalent jobs per year.

Mariners are in high demand as the labor shortage that has impacted countless shoreside industries has taken hold in the maritime trades.

There are many reasons, including retirements among older mariners that are creating openings faster than companies can fill them. Additionally, the Gulf of Mexico oil patch is heating up again as prices remain high, and the offshore wind industry is threatening to poach mariners looking for better pay or conditions. 

Increased demand for workers in transportation, shipping and elsewhere also is driving activity. It amounts to ample job opportunities for job seekers — particularly those

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World's largest tonnage floating production, storage and offloading vessel successfully docks