La fuga del talento canario





Tres profesionales tinerfeños han asumido en este año importantes puestos de responsabilidad del sector marítimo en Mediterráneo y Alborán.

Antonio Rodríguez19 de septiembre de 2022
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A nivel europeo, el Reino Unido y Alemania son los países que más se han beneficiado captando talento del exterior, pero también a nivel nacional se producen desplazamientos entre provincias.   En el caso español, es la zona del Levante y Alborán la que en esta ocasión ha captado a tres canarios para el desempeño de puestos relevantes.

En un informe del Think tank de Bruselas CEPS sobre las migraciones de los trabajadores dentro de Europa, se destaca cómo entre los trabajadores más formados, los italianos y los españoles son los que menos dudan a

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Containership 2050: When the box becomes the customer




What could a sophisticated data- and analytics-driven supply chain in the container segment look like? Jan-Olaf Probst, Business Director – Containerships at DNV, shares a possible future of a fully digitalized and decarbonized market and what it will take to get there.



Let’s imagine that one afternoon in 2050, a young woman opens her front door. A couple of minutes earlier, she received an alert that her recent order was about to arrive. She steps out and watches an autonomous electric delivery vehicle pull up. She uses the fingerprint reader to confirm receipt of her parcel and heads back inside.

Digitalization changes the future supply infrastructure

Looking in detail, it’s the steps before the parcel arrives that really show how

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Engineering Designs and Charter for Efficient European Short Sea Ships

ETA reports the design is extremely energy efficient to modernize European short sea shipping (ETA)



Dutch company ÈTA Shipping is moving forward with its plans to develop a fleet of environmentally-friendly short sea ships for operation between the Baltic and the Mediterranean. The company has started an engineering partnership to complete the development of its ETA 6700 energy-efficient vessel while also reporting that it has entered into a charter agreement with a Dutch shipping company that anticipates operating six of the vessels.

Founded in 2019, ETA Shipping is active in dry cargo short sea shipping while reporting that it sees a strong opportunity to modernize the sector with green shipping. According to the company, out of the

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The fastest electric ship





In 2023, a new electric ferry called the Candela P-12 will start running a trial service from the Swedish capital, Stockholm, to the island suburb of Ekerö.

Swedish electric boat maker Candela, which has developed the ferry, says it uses 80% less energy than conventional ships and removes 100% of local emissions.

With an average speed of 20-30 knots, the P-12 is the “fastest electric ship to date”, Candela says, and is apparently faster for commuters than subway trains, buses and cars driving in rush hour.

The ferry flies above the water, reports Euronews, using three carbon fibre wings that extend out of the hull.

It has a capacity of 30 passengers and runs on a battery that can be charged in an hour from empty, reports

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Review of Maritime Transport 2021


Challenges faced by seafarers in view of the COVID-19 crisis