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Titanic Imaging Expedition Set for May Despite U.S. Government Opposition




Titanic Imaging Expedition Set for May Despite U.S. Government Opposition


Titanic continues to attract worldwide attention more than 100 years after she sank on her maiden voyage



RMS Titanic, the firm that owns the salvage rights to the Titanic shipwreck, is set to return to the site announcing that they have scheduled its next expedition for May 2024. The firm which is officially the salvor-in-possession of the famed ocean liner, says it intends to utilize the site visit to gather a detailed assessment of artifacts that can be targeted for future recovery. 

The company has organized eight previous dives to the Titanic and on seven of them has recovered a total of

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EU Agrees to Legislation Enhancing Flag State and Port State Inspections

Maritime Executive

 EU seeks to enhance Flag State and Port State inspection routines to improve maritime safety (file photo)


The European Council and Parliament reached provisional agreements on key pieces of legislation to further strengthen maritime safety. The steps focus on enhancing the administration of both Flag State and Port State inspections as well as expanding the regimes to ensure consistency and interaction among the different organizations responsible for executing the inspections.

“Today’s agreements will substantially contribute to safer and cleaner maritime transport in Europe,” said Paul Van Tigchelt, Belgian deputy prime and minister of justice and the North Sea. “Our marine environment will be better protected, and the highest standards of shipping will be adequately preserved

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Greek and German Frigates Join Red Sea Policing Mission







Greek defense minister Nikos Dendias addresses the crew of the Hydra, February 26 (Hellenic Ministry of National Defense)




The frigate Hessen, Germany's contribution to the European maritime security mission in the Red Sea, has arrived on station after a two-week transit. Germany formally joined the effort on February 23, though Hessen got under way well in advance. 

The German frigate will soon be joined by the Hellenic Navy frigate Hydra, which departed Salamis Naval Base near Piraeus on Monday. The Greek government sees the mission as a contribution to the protection of its own maritime industry: Greek-owned vessels have been attacked multiple times over the course of the Houthis' campaign of intimidation, and

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Lessons learned: Ships should be converted to using low-sulphur-compliant fuel










Several reporters informed CHIRP about an event in which their tanker was burning Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) with a sulphur content of 2.4%, even though the vessel was not fitted with an exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubber) to reduce the sulphur content to below 0.5% as required by MARPOL VI Regulation 14. 

The ship trades worldwide and is not fitted with an exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubber) to reduce the sulphur content below 0.5%. (MARPOL VI reg 14). To avoid detection, they knew the vessel switched to burning marine diesel fuel when operating in ports or emission control areas (ECA).

The reporters were highly concerned about reporting this

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a fragata Cristóbal Colón de la Armada Española se suma al Grupo de Ataque del portaaviones británico HMS Prince of Wales






Como parte de la participación de las Fuerzas Armadas de España en el Ejercicio Steadfast Defender 2024 de la OTAN, la fragata Cristóbal Colón (F-105) de la Armada Española se ha sumado al Grupo de Ataque liderado por el portaaviones británico HMS Prince of Wales. La participación de esta agrupación multinacional se encuentra siendo coordinada y ejecutada a través de la Fuerza Naval de Ataque y Apoyo de la OTAN (STRIKFORNATO).

Es preciso destacar que, originalmente, en representación de Reino Unido, el portaaviones HMS Queen Elizabeth participaría del ejercicio Steadfast Defender 2024 en calidad de buque capital liderando uno de los Grupos de Tareas desplegados durante las actividades multinacionales. Sin embargo, diversas fallas provocaron que el otro buque de la clase, el

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